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This year has been a bit of a roller coaster, both academically and emotionally. I’m actually really happy to see this year wrap up and just be done with.

Dino :)
But I will be sad when I’m done all my Kinder Surprise eggs of the season…

I finished two more terms of nursing school this year, I’m very excited to be that much closer to finished my BSN1 and having had the clinical experiences that I had. I was able to hold newborns for the first time ever, learn how to properly assess a newborn, how to feed them and the ease of changing a diaper on an infant compared to changing a disposable brief on an adult. But even before that (in my January-May term), I learned about giving injections! changing dressings! the importance of ambulation after a surgery! I fell in love with surgical nursing. Not be confused with operating room nursing – totally different things! Surgical = pre-op and post-op. I just loved it and I’m so excited that my rotation in January-May 2014 will be on a surgical ward again. I also cared for 3 patients in a single shift for the first time ever in my fall term. I also learned that I would not like to work on a mental health ward – it is particularly emotionally draining, plus I didn’t have the best mental health experience because I was on a geriatric psychiatry ward while other students were placed on acute adult psychiatry wards and were more likely to see things that we learned about.

Feeling more like a nurse with every passing term and that’s an amazing feeling.

I took unexpected, and somewhat brief, hiatuses from social media this year – primarily because I couldn’t deal with being cheerful on the internet and I’m typically glass-half-full (for the most part) and I knew it’d be easy for people to tell that something was up, so I just preemptively took myself out of the equation. During those breaks, I focused a lot on me and taking care of me and then I was back in about two weeks, each time. But because of things that had happened (and revealed, dun dun dunnnn), I’m no longer looking forward to Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, whichever one you ‘celebrate’) and I’m looking forward to my week-long break from school in March instead because breaks = awesome.

Because of my up-and-down year, I decided that I would change things up a bit in 2014. I saw it over on Pinterest (but forgot to pin, of course), this idea of having a jar for the year and every time something ‘good’ happens, to write it down and pop it into the jar, and then go through them on New Years Eve at the end of the year. So I’m going to be trying that out for 2014 (and I can finally put my date stamp to good use).

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also referred to as a B.ScN or BScN.

I need a blanket fort

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Sometimes it makes me sad that I don’t blog more. Blogging used to be my passion and I’d come up with a new theme nearly every month. Pretty sure that this one has been up for forever by now… And yet, I really cannot bring myself to care that I haven’t changed from the pixel girl with the heart-shaped balloon. It’s a bit fitting, since I had modeled the image after my favicon image that I had made much earlier than this theme. But blogging as a whole? I didn’t realize that I had pretty much dropped off the face of the planet in terms of the internet. Or maybe I had, and just didn’t notice?

I, for one, had an alright Christmas. The thing about Christmas is that it is a very family-oriented holiday. The unfortunate thing about Christmas is that it is a very family-oriented holiday. Some gems that I’ve been asked this holiday season by relatives (immediate and extended) include:

Why aren’t you done school yet?

Why didn’t you go to medical school?

How much weight have you gained? (Which was followed by: How much do you weigh now?)

The answers: because I’m not, because I don’t want to become a doctor (medical or otherwise), none of your business, see previous answer.

Oh family. What would I do without them? (Answer: Probably be a lot more sane, and non-existent.)

I’m already looking forward to going back to school – primarily so I won’t need to spend so much time with the members of my family that are driving me crazy with their repetitive questions. That and I want to learn ALL THE THINGS! I’ve been doing a bit of winter break reading and just finished the Hyperbole and a Half book by Allie Brosh. It has delightfully thick pages and full-colour illustrations. What else would a girl want in a book full of fun stories? I still have a few more books in my pile to read. Now that my familial holiday obligations have been met and there are no more family gatherings in the near future (as far as I know, anyways), I’m happy to really get to enjoy my time off and spend time with the people that I choose to spend time with. (A.k.a. not the crazy relatives, or the select individuals that I live with who are driving me crazy.)

Winter Break (Finally!)

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I finished final exams for my third term of nursing school on Thursday and I couldn’t be more happier! This means that I’m officially halfway through the program! I’m that much closer to becoming a registered nurse and I’m still excited about my future career – this is how I know that I made the right decision with this program/profession/career choice. It was this or actually, you know, using my first degree. But then I’d be working in a lab or something for the rest of my life, and that’d just make me sad.

But you guys – I’m that much closer to becoming an RN. This is the dream. Next term, I’ll be on a medical or surgical ward. Then I’ll be in community or public health in August-December. And then come January 2015? My last term of nursing school. I get to have a say in what kind of ward(s) I’ll be on and, even better, I get paid to do it. Real money! Income! My income may be higher than my expenses for the first time since my first university experience! This is awesome! I’m likely to request my preceptorships to be in: surgical (post-operative), emergency or… pediatrics. I fell in love with pediatrics during my rotation. Sick babies, toddlers, young kids, teenagers. It’s such a different feeling and I loved it. But I only get two different preceptorship spots, so I’m likely going to choose surgical and emergency. This is because pediatrics is a specialty (more so than the others, although emergency/trauma is one too…) and I’d lose some of the skills that I could develop early on in a medical or surgical ward.

The last few weeks have been full of knitting, jewellery making and studying. Oh, and drinking Chai tea lattes. I’m honestly half-convinced that I am made of Chai tea at times. I’ve recently made the switch at home from regular tea (typically a green tea or Orange Pekoe) to hot chocolate, which also meant that I had to make the switch from my usual mug to this one:

Christmas mug time!

Why yes, my snowman mug that wants you to believe in the magic of Christmas does have a hat for a cover! It’s the most awesome thing ever. I only use it in the month of December. You know, to preserve the magic of the holidays. And because it holds a decent amount of hot chocolate.

My plans for the holidays include a lot of baking (shortbread, sugar cookies – iced and uniced, (cup)cakes, and possibly a pie or two. I love holiday baking! As well as some reading (for fun), knitting and crocheting (holiday gifts) and possibly making some more jewellery. I actually made quite a bit during the term (21 pairs of earrings and 1 bracelet), so I may not. But my holiday plans do not include going shopping for presents as I already finished that. Back in November. Last year I didn’t do any present shopping until I was done finals and it was just awful. This year I learned from that mistake and got it done early.

Hopefully I’ll be better at blogging during my break, fingers crossed!

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