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I am, in short, alive. What have I been up to? Let’s recap my 2015 plans!

I had a great no-spend month in January. I should invoke such personal challenges every month because spending money without an active income is kind of a stupid notion.

From January to early March I temporarily moved away from home (about an hour’s drive) and completed a 300 hour practicum with a glowing review at the end- my preceptor has also agreed to be my reference for job applications yay!

Since about mid-March, I’ve been chipping away at my second 300 hour practicum. So far I’ve completed 168 hours, so I’m a little bit over half way there, which I am really excited about. My last day at this practicum is May 8th. I’ve been working on job applications for my life post-academia and I do hope to get a job somewhere. It’s a little scary to think that I’m going to be “done” school for a bit. All I’ve done is school. From that year of preschool, all through kindergarten to grade 12, then I immediately went into an undergraduate program following high school (and did that for 5 years), and after graduation with a B.Sc in 2012, I went into the nursing program that I’m about to graduate from. All I’ve done is school. From age 4 to 25, that is what I know. School. Of course, in that time frame I did graduate a few times. But still, for the majority of my life, all I’ve done is school.

It’s weird to think about being ‘done’ school when in reality I’d like to finish off my nursing specialty certificate, maybe do a Masters one day, or become a Nurse Practitioner (once the role of an NP becomes better defined in British Columbia). But those are the one of these days dreams. I can definitely coax a future employer in funding my nursing specialty certificate, but it may be harder to get someone to bankroll my Masters degree.

Between now and May 8th, I’ll busy chipping away at the rest of my 300 hours, working on job applications (keep your fingers crossed that I get hired!) and studying to write the NCLEX.

2015: The Plan(s)

Written on January 4, 2015 at 3:15 pm
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2015 is going to be a big(gish) year for me. There’s so much to do in the first half, that it’s a bit overwhelming:

January: Having a “no spend” month (besides: tuition, groceries, gas, regular bills). (What was I thinking?)

January-March: Preceptorship 1, temporarily move, complete 300 clinical hours. Don’t mess up.

March-May: Preceptorship 2, move back home (!), complete 300 clinical hours. Don’t mess up. Hopefully get a job. Maybe go on a (short) trip?

June: Graduate and end of my 8 year stint in the post-secondary education world. For now. Write the NCLEX and pass. Get a job. And maybe a car.

July: Attending a wedding, date TBD – yay!

August: T-Swift concert and BlytheCon Vancouver.

After August…? Who knows? The goal is to have 2/3 of my student loans paid off before I finish school in May, and then to do a family loan to cover the last 1/3 as family doesn’t charge me interest like the student loans people do. Then the real goal is to have that loan paid off before the end of 2015, so I can be debt free in 2016. Moving out (for real) is also part of the Life Plan, along with telling the parents about the Boyfriend (finally), and being a Grown-Up (whatever that looks like). Likely I will need to get a car once real life hits, because relying on transit when I’ll be working as a casual/getting called in for shifts will be a huge pain.

On nursing & moving

Written on December 29, 2014 at 11:54 pm
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The holidays have been busy with shopping, baking (gosh, all the baking!), parties, get-togethers, present wrapping, present unwrapping, more shopping (!), plenty of movie watching, and, finally, packing.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I will be temporarily moving. While it will be a very short (8.5 weeks) move, I still have things that I need to take with me. Primarily all of my nursing things (scrubs, shoes, stethoscope, books, etc.). My textbooks alone fill up one carry-on sized rolling suitcase. I may need to reevaluate this and bring them in small amounts and determine what I absolutely need to bring and what can wait until the next time I go home. I’ve made lists, because that’s what I do. Luckily, my sister has gotten internet hooked up again, and the internet company gave her a wireless router so I won’t be connected to a wall. Netflix in bed with knitting…? Or rather, paper writing1 in bed. Or maybe I’ll decide that working at a desk is better. All I know is that I need to bring all the chargers and electronic devices.

Where I’m relocating to is technically long-distance for me when I make calls. I internally cringed, but I determined a way to get a free long-distance package for the month of January, and then I’ll tweak my list of Canada-wide numbers to include the hospital unit number and my mentor’s number for February to further prevent long-distance charges. Student life hacks for the win.

Christmas was really fantastic in that I got quite a bit of consumables. This came in the form of chocolate, candy (primarily Skittles!), gift cards (Superstore – for gas and food! Starbucks! Clothing stores!), and then more candy. I also got yarn (!), some doll things (mostly clothes), as well as hot chocolate mixes, tea (!), stitch markers (!), more yarn, and mugs! I love mugs. I swear, when I move out (for real), the only things I’ll have in my kitchen will be mugs (soup mugs, vintage mugs, travel mugs), tea, and bakeware. Oh, and cookie cutters, I have a lot of cookie cutters… It’s a bit embarrassing, really.

I have a week left before Level 6 begins. I have orientation (at school) on the 5th and then my first 12 hour shift should be on the 6th. Excitement! New scrubs so I can go 4 shifts in a row without doing laundry! I can finally use the nice nursing clogs that I bought in September! But before then, I have to start/finish packing and celebrate New Years. I am very much looking forward to 2015 and what it means for my life & career.

  1. Yes, I still have papers to do on top of the full-time clinical hours…
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