You blink, and it’s 2018.

Yeah, I’m pretty much over the idea of regularly blogging (here, anyways). I’ve been regularly publishing reviews over on my tea website – One More Steep – if anyone wants to follow me there. I also regularly share photos on my personal IG (@chelleshocks) and on my tea blog IG (@onemoresteep). I don’t feel like […]

Inadvertent Medical Issues

I’ve been on vacation this past week and it has been marvelous. I took in a Whitecaps game (they won 4-2 and were playing against LA Galaxy), got my hair colour refreshed with a teeny tiny trim, and also got my regular/routine optometrist appointment in. At which point my optometrist went “So, do you have […]

It’s March Already?

So the ‘blogging more here’ goal is not panning out very well. But elsewhere it hasn’t been too bad. I’m working away on my goals of saving up for my NYC trip, as well as general savings – except now those general saving goals have more specific monetary amounts and purposes in mind. $200,000 towards […]