I was going to include the word ‘spare’, but it wouldn’t have been accurate as I could have studied some more today instead of working on my fanlistings, but here are some of my new babies.

Negotiation: fanlisting for episode 3.15 “The Game” from Stargate Atlantis.

Just Honest: fanlisting for Violet Turner, character from Private Practice.

And now, my newest baby/pet project and possibly ‘new favourite’ out of all my fanlistings…

Loved, the fanlisting for the brilliant actor Paul McGillion. Bright blue eyes, gorgeous Scottish accent when he portrayed Carson Beckett in Stargate Atlantis, down-to-earth in the interviews and overall just a wonderful actor and definite fan favourite in the sci-fi community.

Now I am going to go back to doing biology because I’m just that cool.

3.15 – The Game! Violet Turner! Paul McGillion!
3.15 – The Game! Violet Turner! Paul McGillion!