Lah de dah ~

2 hours and 41 minutes until NaNoWriMo! Oh, and there’s a new layout up. 🙂

It’s raining, it’s pouring

I’m currently sitting at a table that’s facing the window (which happens to be right outside of the large lecture theatre where I have my psychology lecture). And it happens to be raining. And by “raining”, I mean it’s pouring and only ducks and other water fowl could even be remotely pleased with the weather […]

Happy (early) Halloween!

Only 24 hours and 46 minutes until National Novel Writing Month commences! Go quick, join now! @ Cole – that would work, if he didn’t work at the same company as my mom. And lying, in the situation with my parents and the restrictions that they’ve placed on my life is, is more beneficial than […]