This year has been a bit of a roller coaster, both academically and emotionally. I’m actually really happy to see this year wrap up and just be done with. But I will be sad when I’m done all my Kinder Surprise eggs of the season… I finished two more terms of nursing school this year, […]

I need a blanket fort

Sometimes it makes me sad that I don’t blog more. Blogging used to be my passion and I’d come up with a new theme nearly every month. Pretty sure that this one has been up for forever by now… And yet, I really cannot bring myself to care that I haven’t changed from the pixel […]

Winter Break (Finally!)

I finished final exams for my third term of nursing school on Thursday and I couldn’t be more happier! This means that I’m officially halfway through the program! I’m that much closer to becoming a registered nurse and I’m still excited about my future career – this is how I know that I made the […]