Obviously, the point is to do 101 tasks (previously decided) in a period of 1001 days. It is designed to challenge and to inspire people to do realistic goals over the period of 2.75 years. It starts on January 1, 2008 and ends September 28, 2010. Go to Day Zero for more information about the project.

Age: 18 (at the beginning) and 20 (at the end)

to complete 33 tasks with 62 tasks complete. Failed: 6.

    Self-Enrichment – 8/10


  1. Learn to cook and try a new recipe every month. [29/33]
  2. Completely clean my room – from top to bottom.
  3. Touch my toes while keeping my legs straight.
  4. Refrain from eating candy for an entire month.
  5. Do sit-ups (start with 50/day, adding on 10 every week) for 3 months.
  6. Drink 2.5L of water a day for a month.
  7. Get my driver’s license.
  8. Break my nail biting habit.
  9. Register to be an organ donor (except for my eyes – because nobody would want them).
  10. Stop going onto the bathroom scale every day for at least 1 month. [30/30]
    Education – 5/9
  11. Get my grades up to a 3.0 (B) average.
  12. Once completed the above, get my grades up to a 3.5 (B+/A-) average.
  13. Learn how to ballroom dance (ie. waltz, minuet, tango).
  14. Successfully enter into my university’s School of Nursing program for September 2010.
  15. Get a pass or better for Math that I need for my science degree.
  16. Learn to speak French more fluently than I currently am able to do so.
  17. Learn how to do yoga and keep it up for at least two weeks. [2/2]
  18. Learn the basics of another language that I have no background in.
  19. Take a First Aid course (for myself and for the nursing school application).
    Friends – 4/10
  20. Call and/or email five friends at least once a week.
  21. Keep in touch with people that I don’t see daily anymore via MSN or Facebook.
  22. Write and mail a letter to Josephina in Ontario, one for every month that she is there.
  23. Have a birthday party in order force people into my presence so I can see everyone again!
  24. Play a game of real Scrabble with Kelsey at least 3 times. [0/3]
  25. Have a girls’ night in at my house – complete with sleepover, chick flicks and why I love Elijah Wood. [0/1]
  26. Bake cookies for a friend’s birthday.
  27. Make a jewelry set for a friend’s birthday (set: necklace, bracelet, earrings).
  28. Stop enabling people who hold grudges.
  29. Give someone a birthday gift that is wrapped in 1001 layers.
    Family – 3/5
  30. Talk with my sister (the one who’s not living at home) at least once a week.
  31. Last an entire month without having negative feelings towards my father. [30/30]
  32. Finally learn how to tell apart my cousin’s children (they’re twins).
  33. Bake a cake for my father’s birthday in 2008 and 2009. [1/2]
  34. Make breakfast on the weekend once every two weeks for my family.
    Writing – 4/10
  35. Participate in and win NaNoWriMo in 2008.
  36. Participate in and win NaBloPoMo in 2008.
  37. Participate in and win NaNoWriMo in 2009.
  38. Participate in and win NaBloPoMo in 2009.
  39. Complete my fantasy trilogy (by ‘complete’ I mean finish writing the first drafts and first edit).
  40. Write 10 short stories that I don’t want to immediately delete. [10/10]
  41. Write in a paper journal every day for one year – Embodiment Project.
  42. Fill a notebook full of original poetry within the time period.
  43. Finish the novels for both NaNoWriMo 2008 and 2009.
  44. Post 12 written items onto deviantART. [3/12]
    Arts & Crafts – 7/12
  45. Knit a Gryfinndor scarf (‘trapped bars’ pattern).
  46. Crochet a hat.
  47. Crochet 3 scarves – learning new types of stitches for each one. [3/3]
  48. Do a new photomanipulation series (10+ images) for deviantART.
  49. Fold 1000 paper cranes. [107/1000]
  50. Make a scrapbook for 2008 or 2009 (or both).
  51. Paint 3 paintings of something that people can actually tell what it is, not just something that I call ‘abstract’. [3/3]
  52. Sew a stuffie.
  53. Draw something with only crayons.
  54. Make 10 jewelry pieces.
  55. Iron-on designs onto plain tee-shirts to use up the package of iron-on transfer paper in my room.
  56. Make my own notebook using the coptic stitch.
  57. Make Valentine’s for 5 different people. [0/5]
    Reading – 8/9
  58. Read all the books from ALA’s 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000.
  59. Attend a booksigning of an author that I like/admire.
  60. Read 5 non-fiction books that aren’t required for school. [5/5]
  61. Read 3 Shakespeare plays. [3/3]
  62. Read 101 books (rereading does not count). [53/101]
  63. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in a row within a week.
  64. Read all of the Harry Potter books, in order, within a week.
  65. Read The Little Prince in French (again).
  66. Read a book that is not in English (besides The Little Prince).
    Community & Volunteering – 3/5
  67. Volunteer at a hospital or a long-term care home on a long-term basis (at least one year).
  68. Crochet or knit four scarves (two for each Christmas) and donate to an organization that distributes things to local low-income families or homeless people.
  69. Make a compost pile for somewhere in the backyard.
  70. Join a club at school that’s heavily involved with volunteering (there are possibly 50+ community service clubs at my university).
  71. Donate blood once in 2008, 2009 and 2010. (There is a weight requirement – this only counts if I can reach it.) [0/3]
    Finances – 3/4
  72. Have a job for May-August 2008.
  73. Have a job for May-August 2009.
  74. Have a job for May-August 2010.
  75. Have $10,000 in savings or a GIC (despite tuition, books, student fees) by August 2010.
    Travel – 5
  76. Get a passport.
  77. Travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Vietnam – hopefully during the same trip.
  78. Go on a road trip for somewhere in Canada.
  79. Visit the local aquarium.
  80. Visit a national park.
    Random Things – 15/21
  81. Fill my 30gb Creative Zen Vision: M music player with 20gb of music that I like.
  82. Send at least 3 actual Christmas cards (ie. not e-cards) for 2008 and 2009. [3/3]
  83. Vote in the next federal election – October 4, 2008
  84. Go skating (and attempt to enjoy it).
  85. Have a sushi dinner.
  86. Write a letter to the editor (doesn’t have to get publish, just have to write a letter and submit).
  87. Watch 10 sunrises and 10 sunsets. [20/20]
  88. Stay up for 24 hours straight.
  89. Buy 1 piece of merchandise for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
  90. Pick up all the ‘lucky’ pennies I find on the ground.
  91. Write a letter to someone with my left hand (I’m right handed).
  92. Complete a crossword puzzle.
  93. Watch a new-to-me movie, one for every month. [29/33]
  94. Learn how to properly apply eyeshadow.
  95. Make 3 postcards and sent them to PostSecret. [3/3]
  96. Donate hair to an organization that makes wigs for people going through chemotherapy.
  97. Finish 1 game for Nintendo DS.
  98. Spend a weekend watching the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy again.
  99. Grow some kind of flowering plant and present the plant, when it is in bloom, to my mom for her birthday.
  100. Donate $1 for every item that I do not complete.
  101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list for January 1st 2011.