Knocked Up - Rebecca Eckler

Knocked Up by Rebecca Eckler is a memoir in diary format that details her pregnancy with her first child. It begins as the night after her engagement party (later referred to as the Conception Party by her friends) and she starts cursing the black dress that she wore that made this all occur. She is a Canadian journalist who spends much of the book doubting her capabilities of being a mother. But I don’t think that’s very far off from how other people would react over being pregnant for the very first time. Luckily, her hubby-to-be gets over his shock fairly early on and takes charge with the idea of having a child in less than a year. The book is split into three sections, one for each trimester. It begins on January 26, a Sunday, at 6:45am where she starts freaking out. ‘The Fear’ is something that she and a friend talk about after getting drunk and having sex. The Fear would be pregnancy. Unprotected sex, as it were. Of course, the paranoia sets in fairly early and she tells her friends that she can feel the baby moving already (even though, truthfully, it’s not any bigger than the size of her fingernail yet) a few hours after conception. She gets four pregnancy tests at a store, four different brands, for a total of $92.14. Every single one of them ends up being a positive, but she still goes to her doctor to check, again. She waits until the first trimester is over before ‘officially’ telling people, but she doesn’t quite last that long because people keep on asking her if she is.When I went into my local library for a book to read on the bus, I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to read it. It looked interesting and when I first saw the title, I thought perhaps the movie was based on it (a quick search yielded results that Eckler is suing the directors/producers/someone from the movie Knocked Up based on the similarities between her memoir of her pregnancy and the film). The book is well written, it is very down-to-earth and honest about her feelings towards pregnancy, moving in with the significant other for the first time ever. It talks about the downsides to being pregnant and the upsides and it is very honest in terms of talking about being pregnant and how it takes her a while to come to terms that yes, she really is pregnant. My favourite part is every Sunday documented in the third trimester. I really sympathized with her fiancĂ© during those entries, poor guy.For the funny, honest and, in general, entertaining entries of this book, I give Knocked Up: 4/5

Written February 2, 2008.