Life right now

Life post-NCLEX is interesting. I’m currently unemployed, but according to the CRNBC[1. College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia] I am licensed as a registered nurse – so that’s something. I’ve put in many, many, many job applications. It does not help that I live in one of the top three most saturated areas when […]

Nose bleeds are appropriately named

So I’m sitting in bed, in front of my laptop, and I would be asleep right now if not for the fact that there seems to be a fountain of blood coming from my nose. That’s probably a bit of a hyperbole because if it were a fountain, I probably would be asleep, or at […]

I need a blanket fort

Sometimes it makes me sad that I don’t blog more. Blogging used to be my passion and I’d come up with a new theme nearly every month. Pretty sure that this one has been up for forever by now… And yet, I really cannot bring myself to care that I haven’t changed from the pixel […]