Studying and pausing to reflect

Do I get some kind of award for being a horribly inactive blogger? Although I’m sure there are other people much worse at updating than I am… I hope so, anyways! It’s April! Which means that it is spring time and that also means finals season. I handed in my term project (website + paper) […]

Wait, March?

I really did think that I would post more during February, but apparently I didn’t. Hello, March! We’re getting closer to spring (yay!). Since my last post I have gotten my grad portraits done. It ended up being about 18 shots of me looking incredibly awkward (in my opinion) in a cap and gown holding […]

Buzz, busy like a little bee

I saw my first bee of the year yesterday, which had made me very excited for multiple reasons: Spring isn’t *really* here until the pollinators are out and about Bees make me happy (as insects do <- entomology nerd) Pollinators can mean fruit production. And I like fruit. Noms. Bees aren’t around when it’s raining, […]