NCLEX stress

Since last summer, I’ve owned NCLEX study materials. I bought a few books off of Amazon and then they sat on my shelf for the better part of the summer. And then all through term 5. And, if I’m being honest, they moved with me for my first term 6 practicum and sat on a […]

Another completed term

I wrote my last final of my fourth term of nursing school yesterday. It’s an amazing feeling to be another term closer to the goal – graduation, becoming licensed, becoming a registered nurse. It has been an incredibly difficult fourth term. The learning curve is steeper, the depth of knowledge I’ve needed to have is […]

My life, currently

School, school and more school. Finals are coming up soon. I have 2 more days of clinical left, 1 week of classes and then 1 week of finals! People in my class (class = everyone that started the program with me) are talking about going out to the pub after the last final (patho). It […]