These were collected from the internet, I had seen them on multiple different sites so I had difficulty finding the original sources for all of these.

Top 10 List #1

  1. We can assess all areas of the body
  2. Scrubs make for easy access
  3. We’re used to handing all types of bodily fluids
  4. We’re good at taking orders
  5. We know all the right places to palpate
  6. We know how to properly apply restraints
  7. We know lots of different positions
  8. We know that lubrications is helpful in any procedure
  9. Two words: sponge bath
  10. We’re always up for a good game of doctor

Top 10 List #2

  1. They can help you get over a hangover or sickness.
  2. Bedbaths!
  3. The uniform.
  4. They are exposed to so many xrays, it’s like a form of birth control.
  5. You will never need to buy condoms, paracetamol, toothbrushes or any hospital supplies.
  6. They know how to handle bodily fluids!
  7. Nothing shocks a nurse, they have always seen smaller or indeed bigger!
  8. They won’t be disgusted by your toilet habits.
  9. They are experienced in manual evacuation when you are full of you know what.
  10. They know how to handle the human body.