University is difficult, there’s no doubt about that. It always seems like you have something else more important to do than what you’re doing at that very moment, but there are also things that you should do. So I compiled a simple list of things that you should do in order to be more successful. Note: Straight A’s are not guaranteed.

Have an established sleeping pattern. i.e. You always go to bed at about 11pm and always wake up at 6am. Sleeping patterns, especially an established one, is important as your body likes routines. It is said that you should get about 8 hours of sleep per night, but since there are only so many hours in a day, 7 is usually enough for most people. Some slightly crazy people may have 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night, even if that’s a routine for you, it might not be enough for you to be fully recharged.

Attempt to eat three full meals per day. Or eat six small meals that are evenly spread out throughout the day. I like snacking and I tend to bring one to school with me. Fruit is a good idea, same with dry cereal and trail mix. Occasionally I throw a chocolate bar in my bag just to mix things up a little. But it’s a good idea, even if you’re not a university student, to have regular and balanced meals.

If you have an obscenely long transit ride, bring something to do with you on the way to school. Typically I bring a non-class book, a class book (especially if I had to read a chapter or section for one of those day’s lectures), a crochet or a knit project. I also bring my mp3 player so I don’t have to listen to the strange conversations that people have at times. Having something to do will also make it seem like your trip is shorter. Just don’t forget to pay attention or you might miss your stop.

Have a set schedule for your day. Have it include things such as ‘time for television’ and ‘time for the computer’. It makes a difference to just be able to not think about physics equations or the exact dates and locations of major events in World War II at times. Plus you can catch up on some great shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Numb3rs.