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Zoology labs are love! (sort of)

Oh I see. (: I never knew that BC high-schools had bookstores, that’s pretty cool.

Haha yeah, the physical contact on crowded buses makes me angry most of the time especially when people have bad body odour. ew.

LOL my friends and I obviously weren’t being serious about having sex on public transport, but we were just joking around and figured that it’s actually a good way to get close with someone. . xD.

I don’t think our buses and trains have security cameras. :O Or maybe they do, and I’m just clueless.

Omg that sucks that your first microscope was defective. That would have made me mad. >:( YAY third times a charm though. 😛 Glad it finally worked for you. Even though it didn’t work perfectly, at least it worked for the most part.

Lmao @ musical microscopes. I’ve never tried that before. 😉

You don’t seem to have very good luck with finding a godo microscope. Something always gets in the way. D:

The way you described your schools building sounds beautiful! Congrats on completing the application. 🙂

» Posted By Gillian On January 13, 2010 @ 3:20 pm

Math and colour fun

Yeah the bachelorette shows definitely seem to be better off haha.
Jake is a good looking guy, and he already went through the show once, so I think he’s ready for almost anything now haha. Did you see last night episode? I laughed insanely hard. Some girl having an affair with a staffer. Sigh.

They make it a bit too obvious when it’s scripted. xD I think the whole “affair” that just happened on last nights show was planned too. It just seemed kinda fake.. but they have to do what they have to do to keep the ratings up.

I hope the prof fixes your mark! That’s no fair that it was lower than what it should’ve been.

Ooh those highlighters are really pretty. (: I love the teal colored ones too. We don’t even have a book store, psh. We have book sales where they sell that kind of stuff every now and then.. but it’s usually stupendously expensive.

Lovely books as well, and great prices. I hope you enjoy them.

» Posted By Gillian On January 12, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

Happy days… Ish.

Yeah I noticed that when I babysat the real baby LOL. She didn’t cry at all, she was pretty giggly and cheery and content for most of the time.. but she pooed a lot. :S

Dayum, your sister is so lucky to get a nice laptop like that. Pretty expensive though. :O

I hope you dad likes the hex bug that you bought him. 🙂 Best of luck with the essay prep, I hate essays with an undying passion. Sigh.

» Posted By Gillian On December 18, 2009 @ 1:33 pm

Can’t I just inject the knowledge into my brain?

Don’t worry, I sometimes creep comments on blogs as well. xD

My gawd. You have dissected a loooooot. The only thing I’ve been through is the fetal pig, and I’m pretty sure half of me died while I was doing that.. so I hope I never have to dissect anything ever again.

I get what you mean though. Everyone is different and some people don’t have a problem with cutting, so those are the types that are bound to become surgeons. Definitely not my thing though. I think I’m a bit too emotional to handle anything like that. 😛

No wonder you’ve dissected so many things. You’re in a biology program. xD I agree with you there, I definitely prefer biology to chemistry or any other science. Actually, I might like Physics better, but I don’t know yet, because I have my Physics class next semester, and I haven’t taken it ever before, so yeah. 😛

SALAMANDER? Whoa, I never even knew they had spines.. lmao fail.

You aren’t the only one with an incredibly messy room. Mine is in that state of utter messiness, pretty much all the time. I have homework under the bed, along with underwear.. and I have random shit like laptop cases and pennies on my table.. lmao. I don’t even know where half the mess comes from. Sigh.

Glad to hear that you’re studying is going well, and best of luck shopping for your sisters gifts.

I looove the snow, I was ecstatic when I saw that it was finally snowing outside. It’s about time! It arrived a little late here haha.

» Posted By Gillian On December 14, 2009 @ 12:47 pm

Study, study, study, blood?

Ahmygawd. So, I TOUCHED BLOOD FOR NO REASON? AND I HAD A OPTION NOT TO DO IT? FFS. If someone had told me AT THAT TIME, it would have been so much better haha. Fuck my life. Ah well, at least I know this information for the next time, (if there is one) that I have to dissect something.

I wish I was as productive as you haha. Usually my accomplishments after school hours would be “sleep, eat, sleep some more.. and on some occasions go over to a friends house for either a school related project or just for fun”. bleh.

Best of luck getting those remaining 2 problems done. 😛

OMG, that’s scary about the bleeding. I hope it stops. D:

» Posted By Gillian On December 7, 2009 @ 3:02 pm

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