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D is for Difficult & Dating

I admire you so much for sticking with all this! Bless your heart. I certainly couldn’t do it (well, I did bail on college in that much is obvious).

Im proud of you 🙂

» Posted By Kristi On November 6, 2013 @ 4:59 pm

Vista and 8

Oh how exciting!! Thats awesome!! Are you liking Windows 8 so far?? I just have Windows 7 on this PC and I think I have Vista on my laptop (I dont remember, I barely use it).

My estimated due date is September 3rd! 🙂 it is so terribly exciting!

» Posted By Kristi On January 7, 2013 @ 9:05 am

Remembering; the larks, still bravely singing, fly

Hey 🙂 I’m really planning on getting back into blogging so I’m glad you stopped by. I missed you!

I’m really proud of you for working so hard and sticking with nursing. Winter break will be here before you know it!

» Posted By Kristi On December 4, 2012 @ 11:57 am

4th Year Rambles

Im back for good now.. I think.

Holy cow you are a busy lady, even though you make it sound like you arent busy. Im sure youll get into the nursing school! Its exciting that youre almost done with this degree though!! 🙂

Holy cow, I did not know Blythe had been around that long! They are very interesting little things but Im afraid if I get one doll I’ll become addicted and it seems like quite the expensive hobby but it looks superly awesome.

Matthew and I are trying to go on a healthier diet. He’s doing it in preperation for his BCT and I just need to lose weight. As long as you keep eating and just cut out the bad stuff, I support you!!


» Posted By Kristi On October 12, 2011 @ 11:18 am

Where I’ve been

Tell me you didn’t go alone? I guess I can’t be worried now, as I didn’t know where you were but I’m glad you had fun!

I’ve never been to any type of convention but I’m glad you got to go! Definitely up your alley =)

Missed you.

» Posted By Kristi On June 28, 2011 @ 7:30 pm

Downtime? What downtime?

New medication has been my source of stress.

It’s certainly a great compliment from your boss, but he should know by now that about this time every year, he has to say bye-bye until the summer. I’m glad you’ve got some good classes, or ones youre excited about anyway.

» Posted By Kristi On August 21, 2010 @ 3:21 pm

I’m not perfect, but I keep trying

Jeez, 5 domains? Where have I been? Haha. Thats awesome though. I want another but eh, we’ll see. I need to update my current alot more.

Yay for fabrics!

If it is an uncontested divorce, only the person requesting it has to be there. Not sure why, but thats how it is here.

» Posted By Kristi On July 25, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

A little of everything

Suh neat finds! I really dig the space fabric you found. Reminds me of a mattress I had when I was little.. instead of being plain white or whatever, it has space stuff all over it!

Good thing about you not volunteering when you’re sick.. wouldn’t want to get anyone else ill, and like you said, their immune systems are weak.

My weekend was alright I guess. Fri-Sat I was a zombie because I was so sleepy! Didnt have to work yesterday so I caught up on some sleep. Today I am still really tired but Im gettting ready to go to work.

» Posted By Kristi On July 19, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

Introducing Mr. Kitty

Yeeeahh we arent going to live with her at ALL so.. yeah. Everything will be worked out (apartment, job) before we move..dont worry.

Definitely gonna add more tutorials.

» Posted By Kristi On July 14, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

Theres no way hes a stray! He just looks way too groomed and whatnot like you said. We have alot of strays around our neighborhood and you can definitely tell the difference.


think I’m sortof back in the webdesign world..

» Posted By Kristi On July 14, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

Better late than never!

What’s something new that’s going on in your life? And on your blog/website(s)?
– Im a manager now at Hastings 🙂 I also bought myself a new car! A yellow Chevrolet XD 09 model.

What is your favourite recipe (baking!)? Any that you would recommend?
– Rarely bake nothing lol.

What is something that a family member did to you that was hurtful? Did they bother apologizing for it?
– I dont want to get into my childhood but it involves lots of harsh, critisizing words at a young age,

I still have yet to go to the dentist.. in 6 years..oops. I need too but no insurance =(

» Posted By Kristi On June 8, 2010 @ 1:20 am

May Day


I missed you.

Final has Pokemon Heartgold! My sister has a DS and with his first check he bought the game. It came with this little pokewalker thing.. and because he walks ~30,000 steps a day at work, he’s able to level a little pokemon each day and catch new ones.. I don’t know much about it but he absolutely loves it.

Yay for being out of school and having a bit of a break! Im still working two jobs for now. I am going back to school in the fall though 🙂 yay.

What’s your favourite video game (and on what console)?
– Wow, PC
What’s your favourite non-main character from a video game?
– Um.. I don’t know 🙁 I can’t think haha.
What’s your favourite insect? (Oh hai, random question!)
– Ew bugs. Uh.. butterfly? Heh. Or skeeterhawks!

» Posted By Kristi On May 2, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

Busy bee on a sunny Saturday

Im dreading getting my wisdom teeth taken out. They have given me alot of problems since they started coming up. They go up and down and its painful. Right now I think theyre all up /crosses fingers, so maybe I wont have to get them removed. Kudos to you for going through all of that! Thats harsh.
I need to go see a dentist. I have one tooth that’s really bad (I havent been since I was 17..) and the back has a big cavity which is causing the tooth to rot a bit, there to be a sharp point, and me not to be able to use that tooth for eating. Bah..

Family doctor.. everything alright?

Do you ever go shopping in thrift stores? (If yes, what sort of things do you look for?)
– I love thrifting! I mostly go for clothing. If I need something specific though, I go there first to see if I cna get them,

Do you wear glasses or contacts? If no, do you need them?
– Glasses. Theyre thick-black framed.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and someone came along and offered you one of two desserts (coconut cream pie or chocolate cream pie), which would you choose and why?
– Chocolate cream by. Aside from not liking coconut, I would assume the island I am on has coconuts and that I’d be sick of em.

» Posted By Kristi On March 7, 2010 @ 12:23 pm

Falling back into a routine

You can only work at a Nursing Home 4 months without your state test and I havent had the money to take my state test so I had to quit the nursing home and get another job. Plus, 12 hour night shifts just got to be too much for me and the crappy pay wasnt worth it.

» Posted By Kristi On March 4, 2010 @ 9:01 am

I haven’t really watched any Olympics this year, oops, but I’m guessing Canada won the hockey game? Yay!?

It’s funny that your professors had hangover induced headaches. Silly professors. Water, water, water! I have NEVER had a headache from a hangover. Most every time I drink so much water (with my alcohol) that I get sick of it. Drinking water reduces your dehydration and makes you wake up feeling awesome. So, silly them. If you get shitfaced, Michelle, drink lots of water! Hah.

Youve just came back and already have midterms? ouch ;x

» Posted By Kristi On March 3, 2010 @ 9:34 am

LiveCity Yaletown, Ontario House and Sochi World

Love the new layout image <3

Sounds like you had such a fun, busy day! The 4D ride thinger especially sounded like so much fun. I've been on one similar to that before, but it didn't have near as much as yours did going on.

» Posted By Kristi On February 24, 2010 @ 8:12 pm

Pissed, based on principle

Wow. Just Wow. I would be really pissed off too if that was me. Sigh.

Oh well.. on the bright side..atleast you get to see your family..?

Oh link! Yay.

» Posted By Kristi On February 13, 2010 @ 2:33 am

Masquerading as a pharmacy

I go back and forth through a “purse” (I just call them bag) phases. Right now is my “off” phase. If I go anywhere, I have a little wallet that I carry and my phone. Things I used to carry in my bag (which are always large for some reason..) are:

Body Spray
I had a roll-on perfume
usually assorted papers
and whatever else is going on/may be relevant at the time.

Sorry youre not feeling well 🙁 I went through that about a week was awful. I had really bad sinus pressure, runny/stuffy nose, headache, and I felt really weak, then had a cough. I, too, had honey lemon cough drops!

What is Aleese?

» Posted By Kristi On January 29, 2010 @ 7:09 am

Boxing Day

Wow. A very fun filled day eh? What gets me do you do all that shopping and take public transit? There is NO way we could have fit all we got on Black Friday on public transit.

The patterned things..bras right? Too cute!

Did you go shopping for Boxing Day (December 26th)? If so, what did you buy?
– I went the Wednesday before our Black Friday and a little on Black Friday. Got tons of Christmas stuff.

What is one ‘odd’ eating habit that you have that even your family finds odd?
– I’m not sure, really? Um.. I wont eat artifically flavored grape or cherry items. I like ruffle chips and ketchup? Um.. I love cookie dough raw.

When was the last time you splurged on yourself, what did you buy?
– Gm and I, today, got the “buy 1 get 1 free” Samsung Impression. We also got a blue tooth speaker for the car (instead of the ear ones). Not sure how much my total was of it all, but I gave her $100. My normal splurges are WoW cards 😀

» Posted By Kristi On December 27, 2009 @ 2:58 pm

Study, study, study, blood?

Mmm round/half round tables are le awesome. If I were you, I would not have shared, either. Bwhaha. Great deal with getting food brought to you by simply babysitting!

Had you eaten or brushed your teeeth when you spat out blood? Its possible one of the two cut your gums but in such a way so that you didn’t feel and can’t see anything.. has happened to me a few times.

I think I’m opposite of you. I love blood. TMI but if I cut my hand or something, I’ll lick the blood off. I like the taste and I think it’s pretty. Now, I don’t go around doing it just to taste blood.. nono, that’s not how I roll.

» Posted By Kristi On December 7, 2009 @ 11:29 pm

All I want for Christmas… is you

Am I crazy or did you just do Finals? Or was that Midterms? Ahh Im so out of the loop. I want cookies now, thank you. Do you ship to Arkansas?


What is something material that you want for Christmas/Hannakuah/whichever winter holiday you celebrate?
– Well, I picked out GH: World Tour but.. I now want a new phone because mine is.. dead. I’ll buy that myself though.

If people were to donate to a charity in your name, which one would you want people to donate to?
– Probably a charity for abused women/children.

What is one thing that you like about the winter holidays?
– The cold. I’d say snow but we don’t really get it here.

» Posted By Kristi On December 2, 2009 @ 7:25 pm

A (rare) moment of silence

You know, I’ve seen the exact same thing on FML; the situation with her. That’s insane.. like.. something else had to have been going wrong, surely she saw it? But my God.. 7 years? I do feel bad for the poor girl.

Hope youre having a good Tuesday.

» Posted By Kristi On November 24, 2009 @ 3:28 pm

Good morning, moon???

Oh my. I wish it was dreary here. Its been like.. 72 during the day. A little warm for November..

What’s the most embarrassing thing that you have ever lost?
Most public place that you’ve ever had sex?
Least amount of sleep that you have gotten in one night?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that you have ever lost?
– Um.. I’m not sure to be honest. I don’t really get embarassed so.. nothing I guess.

Most public place that you’ve ever had sex?
– My boyfriend lives on a street, with many other houses around. One night we went to his backyard to the trampoline (where it was sortof private I guess? Not seeable from the road but if you were to come around youd see us) and we made love on the trampoline.

Least amount of sleep that you have gotten in one night?
– No sleep.

» Posted By Kristi On November 11, 2009 @ 3:01 am

Little miss imaginary sunshine


I’m sorry it wasn’t so great. I hope it gets better tomorrow..or.. today, granted there’s not much of today left.

» Posted By Kristi On November 9, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

I wish it were another lazy Sunday

Karaoke eh? Well, atleast your sister was being decent and turning down the volume, heh. I bet your sleepover willl be fun from what very little details I know.

Goodluck with week, you sound uber busy :/ almost done though! YOU CAN DO it!

» Posted By Kristi On November 9, 2009 @ 4:50 pm

Feeling like s*it, so I ate a cake

Oh, spam.

» Posted By Kristi On November 7, 2009 @ 12:08 pm

Aww. Im not sure what exactly is going on. Ive been a little out of the loop. The last 3 days are a blur to me, to be honest. Work, work, sleep. In that order! Well, there was a tiny bit of sleep in between work, but anyway.

I hope you are having a 100x better today and an excellent birthday!

If it were me, it’d have been yellow cake and lemon or buttercream icing but yay for cake no less!

» Posted By Kristi On November 7, 2009 @ 11:41 am

Chemistry just got 100x better

Haha that is so awesome. Tons of kudos to the person who wrote the last thread. Thats great.

» Posted By Kristi On November 4, 2009 @ 12:19 am

Nomnomnom, candy!

I can see you..

sitting there, with cat ears.. drinking wine.. crocheting.

The image is hilarious, I’m sorry. But hey, you didmore than I did! My night was so.. so pathetic. I awoke around 2pm (mom had been calling me for an hour) to my mother crying and asking if I could come over. I stayed there for about 2.5 hours then came home and ate supper.

I was so tired.. I went to SLEEP at 8PM! On a SATURDAY. Good lord.

So, youre not old or boring or any of that. Next year I am gonna go all out for Halloween. Bwuahaha.. yess..

Yay for getting things done though!@

» Posted By Kristi On November 1, 2009 @ 4:53 pm

Rain, rain, go away

Youre getting close.. you can doo eeett Meechelle!!

Yay for candy and cookies. I want to be spoiled like that, haha. When I was in college, I dont remember seeing anyone dressing up :/ especially the professors.

Its been raining about 4 days out of every week for the past month. Its absolutely ridiculous. The river I cross to go into town is very, very high. If it keeps this up, it’ll flood. I’m surprised the Batesville river hasn’t flooded.. last year they had to shut the road down, which is a major road into Batesville, for all the rain.

Have fun today -_- my Thursday was good, got hired! Today was pretty bland. Not good, not bad.

Happy Halloween!

» Posted By Kristi On October 30, 2009 @ 10:58 pm

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