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Kids and the wild, wild internet?

My parents were pretty much the same as yours. They also warned me about posting personal information, and made sure I knew what I was doing. My whole family shared one computer, so I did have a limit on how many hours per day I could use it. I’m sure my parents checked the history occasionally to see what I was up to, but for the most part they trusted me enough to know that I wasn’t going to go searching for porn or anything. Most of my Internet time was spent on Neopets, or on forums for my favorite bands.
I’ll be honest though. Everything I learned about sex, I learned from fan fiction when I was 13. So maybe I was a little more mischievous than my parents thought. ;D

I didn’t get my own computer until I was 17, though, and in high school I shared one with my brother. I don’t think I would give an 11 year old their own computer, just because I would be paranoid they wouldn’t take care of it properly, but I wouldn’t stare over their shoulder at every little thing they do. The idea of invading my child’s privacy like that makes me cringe. Kids are people too.

» Posted By Rachy On December 29, 2009 @ 8:44 pm


Waiting for grades is the worst part, in my opinion. <_< I seem to get more stressed out waiting for grades than I do for the actual exam.
Mad props to you for managing organic chemistry. I thought taking a class on the American legal system and it's representation in film was hard. I really hope you do well. 🙂

» Posted By Rachy On December 11, 2009 @ 12:50 pm

You’re doing it wrong.

There are things called CONDOMS if she doesn’t want to use the pill. I mean seriously…
Though I do know some people who simply can’t handle the hormones in birth control. My dad likes to say that my mom went completely psychotic when she was on it. For the first three months I was on it, I was very sensitive (i.e. I would see a Hallmark advertisement and burst into tears), but I’ve evened out. [I doubt she is one of these people, but it exists.]

Also, I love people who ask to copy my homework or essays. [/sarcasm] I wonder how people like that are going to survive in the job force someday.

» Posted By Rachy On November 2, 2009 @ 10:30 pm

Why do you blog?

This is a really interesting question. I may have to think about it for a while too. I think I have some of the same reasons as you. Writing about things like this IS very therapeutic, but it’s different from a private journal because you can get thoughts and feedback from other people.

I may have to blog about this question later!

» Posted By Rachy On October 20, 2009 @ 12:33 pm

I call this the “Lazy Lotus” posture.

Yoga is really fun. Though I’ve always done it at home through videos or pictures, versus actually going to a class. I was really intimidated at first, but it’s really not as hard as it looks (for the most part… some of the advanced poses are a bit ridiculous).
I’m weird though, I don’t like the quiet, calming atmosphere that Yoga is supposed to give you. It bores me. I’ll play my glam rock music while I do Yoga, thank you very much. ;D

» Posted By Rachy On June 23, 2009 @ 3:27 pm


Sorry to hear about your sleep deprivation. :/ I’ve not been getting much sleep lately either, because one of my idiotic neighbors is deciding to neglect their dogs and leave them outside, barking non-stop until four in the morning. -_-

» Posted By Rachy On April 18, 2009 @ 7:08 pm

My English paper isn’t writing itself…

What Serena said. ;D I was going to go into this whole thing about how to cite the Bible properly, but she did it for me. Haha.
Even though I’m an English major, I still haven’t completely memorized MLA. It changes too often. >_> So I always use the Purdue website. (
So far the only thing I haven’t been able to find on there is how to cite a YouTube page. xD

» Posted By Rachy On March 22, 2009 @ 6:58 pm

“Zomg, I fail”

I see people exactly like this all the time at my university. It drives me crazy. I think it’s because freedom gets to people’s heads. They’re not accountable anymore, because they don’t have to bring home their grades to their parents (who might punish them, or at least be very disappointed). So, now they don’t have that incentive to do it, so they don’t.

Me, I’m obsessive about doing well. I freak out if I get a B. Unless of course it’s in math. Then I’m ecstatic. xD

» Posted By Rachy On February 26, 2009 @ 7:56 pm


I’m the same exact way. I rarely lend my notes to people unless I know them well and know that they would have a valid excuse.
Plus it doesn’t help that my notes are practically illegible. xD I not only write down the lecture, I write down whatever pops into my head (song lyrics, poetry, random brainstorming etc.). They’re particularly insane around NaNoWriMo. xD

» Posted By Rachy On January 30, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

The week’s almost over… right?

The whole boys/girls depression/suicide thing is interesting to me. I learned about it too, in a psychology class. My professor explained that it’s because girls are assaulted by all of these images of perfect females in the media, girls they think they have to look like or they’re not acceptable. I mean, as much as I deny that I’m not affected by it, I’d love to have a body like Christina Aguilera or someone.
As for boys, they’re apparently more likely to use guns to kill themselves, which obviously do a more thorough job than overdosing or slitting wrists.

Wow, what a depressing topic for my first comment. lol. I absolutely love your blog, by the way. I found it through NaNoWriMo.

» Posted By Rachy On November 5, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

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