I am possibly one of the biggest fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice (and you will not believe how much grief I gave my father when he changed the channel on Wednesday when I had the VCR set to take Private Practice…) ever. I started watching Grey’s on the very first day it ever aired and fell in love with the characters and the storyline. And one of those many delightful and delectable characters is the wonderful alternative medicine guru… Doctor Pete Wilder. In the back door pilot that they had via Grey’s, his name was Pete Finch. I personally like Wilder better. It suits him. And there is a point to this whole thing, I promise.

Gladiator is the approved-by-The-Fanlisting-Network fanlisting for Dr. Peter ‘Pete’ Wilder. The name is inspired by Addison’s comments about ‘Pete the cowboy… Pete the gladiator…’ It is revealed in the first episode of season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy that Addison has a ‘thing’ for Russell Crowe and whom also happens to star in the 2000 action film Gladiator.

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