I finished one of my two pending fanlistings. This one is for The Phantom Tollbooth, written by Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer. It’s quite simple in terms of design, but I like it like that. I’m going to have to finish rereading the book (for the umpteenth time…) to finish off the book summary.

Wisdom: The FL for The Phantom Tollbooth

And that’s not all I spent today on! I also went shopping to finish off everyone on my Christmas list – including myself. I went shopping with K and we stood out in the bitter cold (windy too) of the bus stop for a while before the bus eventually arrived. I set up a tiny 1 foot tall tree in my living room, complete with decorates and garland. I also set up the lights around the tree (not on it though, I think the poor thing would collapse under all the weight!). I just didn’t want to set up the large Christmas tree by myself again, so I just opted for the smaller tree on top of the shelf-unit thing that my dad made for our living room electronics. It makes it all look festive though, with the lights and all. Plus I started piling the presents on the ground as well.

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  1. You have a typo on your Phantom Tollbooth Fanlisting
    It says “please joing.”
    Just thought you’d want to fix that.

  2. Hey hon. Ill get your links up asap…I promise.

    The presents totally make the tree. Mines small and I have a bunch of gifts and it looks so festive ;D

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