If you noticed that my site has been a little out of order in the last few days, I’ve fixed the problems that were going on. If you hadn’t noticed that my site was a little out of order in the last few days then just ignore this and just nod and smile. Pretend you know what I’m saying so I don’t appear like a nutcase for writing this introduction. But if you do visit on occasion, I suggest giving your computer a good virus scan. The problem was that my site had been hacked (I still don’t get why though, considering I don’t get any visitors except for you!) and the index page had been replaced with this odd script and I looked it up on a search engine and then it turned out to be a script that tries to download viruses onto your computer after viewing the site that has been hacked with it. I looked that up on Trend Micro’s Virus Encyclopedia (it’s a great resource, by the way) and the script only works via the use of the Internet Explorer browser, so as long as you don’t use IE and you use something safer like Firefox or you’re not like me and use a Mac. I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that this causes you and I hope that your computer is okay and virus-free. But, if you are looking for a reliable anti-virus program, I suggest AVG, Avast or AntiVir. All of these programs are free for non-commercial use and can be downloaded free-of-charge.

And now onto everything else.

I attended a sleepover at Betty’s from the 1st to the 2nd and we just spent so much time playing video games! I discovered that I’m not bad at video games as long as it’s a shooting game (for example, Resident Evil – the one about the Umbrella thing). I got very good with the whole ‘shoot the bad guys, pick up new weapons/ammo, don’t get killed’ thing. It was fun though! I cursed at the rabid dog characters that I had to shoot and then they fell and then somehow were still alive (after shooting them in the mouths…) and attacked again. Yeah, those guys were fun. I also ‘stole’ Mike’s DS in order to play Tetris… I love Tetris. Chris also spent some time coming up with some games for me to try to see if I wanted to get them, which was very nice of him. We ended up all in the computer room where we read up on some internet drama and just chatted. Later, Jenna, Mike, Ralph and I were all just lying there in the dark, talking to one another. You know how people tell children how babies are made by going ‘well, you see, when a man loves a woman….’? Mike made up a story of sex on the spot with the use of clams, mussels, sea urchins, coral reef and eel. And if you think that it sounds really strange, that’s because it was very, very strange. But it was just so damn funny at the time, I wish I could repeat it verbatim, but I can’t remember it. We eventually fell asleep probably around 4:30am-ish. I was one of the first ones asleep and comfy in my sleeping bag with my teddy.

If you look at the very bottom of my ‘Michelle’ page, there is a link to my list of tasks that I plan on completing in the next however many days. Or you can just click here to go see my list of 101 tasks to do in 1001 days. The tasks that I have been working on include: writing in a paper journal every day for a year, reading 101 books and watching a ‘new to me’ movie (once per month). I went shopping today and got three composition notebooks for me to write it (I’ll need to paste in entries from the 1st and 2nd). So far I have read three books that my sister has recommended to me and tonight I watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. I can say without a doubt that Colin Firth plays Darcy quite well (both in Bridget Jones & Pride and Prejudice). And yesterday while I was writing my journal entry, I wrote 2007 by mistake so now the 8 looks like a cross-over from a 7 that’s just been crossed and given a rounded bottom. I’m probably going to be writing 2007 for a while on school papers and whatnot, just the nature of things.

Tomorrow I will be ransacking the local library for books that I can borrow for use in my English class. That’s the nice thing of my English Lit class: most of the books can be borrowed from my local library because they’re novels or collections of short stories from well-known authors. I had to buy a copy of one of Alice Munro’s collection of short stories as I already been assigned homework. Gack. It’s not difficult homework, it’s just that I have already been assigned work! This semester is less expensive than the first though, only because I had bought textbooks for last semester that can be used for all the courses that I am taking this semester. Which makes me incredibly happy. I just want for them to use those same textbooks for the next semester so that I can resell them, finally. Sitting on several hundred dollars worth of textbooks does not make me a happy camper at all.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year’s eve. Things that I did not do on the 31st include: have a drink or a shot, get drunk, drive drunk, take any sort of recreational or prescription drugs or get laid. Of course, I wouldn’t want to have gotten drunk, or drive drunk or take drugs. But besides those ones, I just had a great new years.

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  1. hey… so… i actually went back and read all your entries that I’ve missed. =)

    Seeing that you already have homework before class even started, i decided i should actually check my e-mail to see if any of my profs e-mailed me about assignments already. Keeping in mind that my first class doesn’t actually start until Tuesday, Jan 8th… this was what my econ prof sent: “I will be in tomorrow [Friday ,Jan 4th] at 10:30am. If you can’t make it tomorrow, I will be in again on [Monday,Jan 7th] at 1:00pm. Please make sure attend to either of these schedules meetings.”

    I was like: o__0 WHAT????!!!!! And then i started freaking out… he had already sent the course outline and everything. I was half afraid to open his other e-mail… This is what it said: “Greetings, Please ignore the message earlier. It is meant to be a meeting with my TA’s.”

    I can finally breathe now.

  2. Wow. Your list is so crazy. Im far too lazy to attempt all that mess. it’ll be a really fun experience though!!!
    Im proud of you for not being the typical person to go get smashed and act like a douche on new years, or any other day for that matter. it’s good to see good kids.

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