I love my professors for the term! They all have marvelous accents that are just wonderful to listen to. My physics prof is from England and has a lovely soft-spoken British accent. My math prof (a sub, sadly) is from Scotland and I am very much in love with the accent. My English prof also has a British accent and everything he says just sounds very, very polite! My chem prof has a bit of a more difficult-to-understand accent and it’s not as alluring, but the Mandarin accent just makes everything he says sound harsh and loud and rather hilarious. He was quite funny though, and he smiles whenever we laugh at his jokes. He was telling us to be pandas and not polar bears. Ahh, bless him. We switch chem profs after the reading break in February though, we get someone else (who won’t be telling us to be pandas!).

I think I need to take a vacation to Scotland to find me a boy with an adorable accent…

I pretty much gave Alex the wrong message today. But we talked about it afterwards and it’s okay. But honestly, this is why Michelle generally does not give into irrational impulses!

Note to self: Just because I can kiss someone, does not mean that I should because I end up feeling incredibly awkward afterwards – even if it was rather good.

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  1. I just love how many different types of accents we have over hear, some Scottish accents really grate on me while others I can just listen too all day!!

  2. You should definately listen to that note to self by the way. We do not like impulses that tell use to do stuff that doesn’t fit the situation…..but i think you have heard enough of my opinion on that.

    I do however think that i need to go on that little adventure to scottland to do some research on those scottish accents. 😉

    I am jealous on the english and scottish accented profs. Why do accents have to be so god damn sexy?

  3. I’ve always had a think for European accents. We’re just so BORING in the states. Australian has always been my big one, though. The lightish ones I can actually understand, anyway.

  4. Also… I see that I’ve had a broken link in the ‘website’ field of the comments for quite a while now. I fail at the internet.

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