I still have things to buy for the term. The main thing is a physics lab manual that I need to get this week as my labs start on Tuesday. Luckily my chemistry lab isn’t until next week, so I’m kind of saved from having a late Thursday this week. I’m also attempting to find a cheap model set for organic chem that’s not missing any pieces (which is hard…). And for a ‘splurge’ item for myself (if you can call it that), I plan on popping into the Staples on campus and seeing if they have a set of ten multi-colour Staedtler pens for sale. Yes, I’m a bit odd when it comes to buying something to make myself happy, but I borrowed Alicia’s pens last semester and they’re simply the best ultra-fine pens that I have ever used. Hello, colourful journalling. Plus, umm, I’m sure that the multi-colours will help wonders with keeping my notes, erm, organized, right?

And now, please sit back for the feature presentation.

Setting: Michelle sitting on a bench outside the largest library on campus, texting her friends on her cell phone when a boy walks by, his friends straggling behind him.
Him: Excuse me?
Me: Yes?
Him: I was wondering if you would be interested in giving me a blowjob for $50.
At this point, the heroine eyes the guy up and down slowly as if she is sizing up a car while silently being disgusted. Besides the fact that he’s probably diseased up and down his body twice over, $50 isn’t even enough to purchase the organic chem model set new from the bookstore.
Me: No, thank you, I’m not interested.
Guy looks surprised, his friends are laughing at his expense.

I swear that I may be very, very, very tempted to actually use my campus safety whistle the next time that someone sexually harasses me on campus. Do I look like that sort of girl who’d do something like that for cash in public? Do I look like the sort of girl who’d blush five shades of red over the mention of the word ‘blowjob’? Because if someone doesn’t tell me soon why people keep on asking me stupid questions regarding sex and sexual acts, I might have to throw a heavy textbook at someone soon.

Please note: I wouldn’t actually throw a textbook at someone, it would bring down the amount of money that I could resell it for, after all.

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  1. Eh… one of my favorite parts of getting ready for classes was always getting the right pens and highlighters. I have a tiny panic attack when I can’t find “my” pens. (Relatively cheap Pentel RSVPs… fine point.)

    You know… I always figured that the reason guys ask me stupid questions like that *was* because I’m the twitchy sort. (Not because OMG, he said ‘blowjob’ but, because I’ve never dealt with frat boy mentality very well.) Apparently, they aren’t really as purposeful in their targets as we suspect…

  2. I’m sorta surprised that happened, it being UBC and all, but then not everybody is all study oriented there.
    I only get those sorta comments downtown.

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