G: Hi, do I know you?
M: (Looks at him and is actually thinking.) No, I don’t think so.
G: Would you like me to?
M: (Sounding curious.) Does that line ever work?
G: (Smiling) You tell me. (Holds out hand.) I’m Greg.
M: Michelle.

He goes on to introduce himself some more and he seems quite nice. A bit forward with the introduction, but other than that he was polite and rather charming. He had to go the opposite direction once the bus arrived at the bus loop (I was going towards the physics building, he was going… somewhere else). But he did give me his number and I gave him my cell number. He can call first though, because I’m pretty sure that I didn’t slip his number into my notebook and therefore it’ll be at the bottom of my bag.

But, just so it doesn’t seem like I went through the entire day on Cloud 9 thinking about Greg (since I wasn’t)… I did two online physics quizzes. I also attended four 1-hour lectures (and absolutely hated English). Ohhh, and I saw Alicia today! She was walking out of the building where I have English as I was going in and I completely tackled her with a hug (but, to be fair, she tackled me too). And my new friend in my English lecture and discussion group, Tannis, drew the most amusing caricature of our English prof. Mostly because all he does it talk at us rather than to us.

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  1. Goodness – that guy seems really full on. Quite sweet though, in a really cheesy type of way. I wonder if he’ll call you? Perhaps he’s shy and thinking the same thing. Why don’t you send him a text or something, just to break the ice?

    Online quizzes? Is that for fun or school? Never knew you did them online!

  2. Thats so.. I dont know, romantic sounding. It also makes you wonder how many other chics he does that to. OR, MAYBE, he just felt attracted to you and had never done that before in his life?

    Its been a few days; did he call?

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