I should stop spending money. I went to Michaels today with my sister and we bought got stuff, but in our defense, there was a huge sale going on. Everything that we got was either 50 or 40% off. I bought two packages of silver crimp tubes because I’m running out, I also bought a package of antique silver (not actually antique, just made to look that way) key charms. There’s three different styles (I see a new charm bracelet in the future) and 10.97m (that’s 12 feet, for you Americans) of silver chain. I stopped myself from buying another package of jump rings because I (at this time) have quite a bit. However, the best thing that I got was Beadalon Designer Crimper, which was a belated Christmas gift from my sister. Which was nice, considering the retail price for the crimping pliers was $22! My sister bought over $40 worth of yarn. (All 50% of though… So she got twice what she would have gotten, normally, for that price… Which justifies it, sort of.) It was nice, shopping and all. I debated buying some polymer clay as well, because I’ve been meaning to experiment a little to make my own charms, but I decided to wait, considering I was spending enough money today on craft supplies. But seriously, the crimping pliers are the best jewelry pliers that I own right now (mostly because the set of mini-pliers that I got earlier were the ‘cheap’ kind, but they’re still in great condition so I haven’t gotten around to upgrading to the ‘nicer’ pliers) and the grip is quite nice.

And yes, I realized that I just wrote an entry all about buying things at Michael. But I am seriously in love with those pliers. And I’ve been watching Stargate Atlantis season 2 on dvd because my sister bought it a week ago. Which has renewed my love affair with Dr. Carson Beckett.

Yes, I realize how pathetic that sounded (love for inanimate objects and love for a television show character). I so need to get a life…

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  1. Nah, jewelry and tv characters are safe.
    Lives are overrated.
    I’m the fairy of all things bright and happy today!

  2. I try to stay away from Michael’s unless I have something very specific in mind and the willpower to leave everything else where it is. Otherwise, I buy a bunch of strands of Blue Moon beads that I have no immediate plans for, then forget about a few weeks later.

  3. Ohh sounds like you had a lovely day!! I loveee craft stores. I recently found a Michael’s in LR and went and it was really nice. I wanted to just stay and stare at all the goodies.

  4. Michaels, Loomis, and Opus are all dangerous places for me. Unfortunately I have to visit them frequently and it is very tempted to buy polymer clay or sculpey except its expensive. I would probably buy almost everything in the store if a) I was rich enough b)I had somewhere to put it all

    Right now I just want the resin cast making kits, prisma coloured markers or copics. A new desk with an animation light, and bristol board, and ……Ok I better shut up before I sound greedy XD

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