Laura, Phoenix Wright is the main character of the (first three) game(s) where you play the character and go around collecting evidence in order to get a not guilty verdict for your client. But as far as I can tell for the first four cases that I’ve done (the game has 5 cases in total), Phoenix just snaps up cases like a day or two before the case goes to trial… Way too much pro bono work being done in that game, haha. But I like it, it involves quite a bit of thinking, but it’s a mostly text-based game and just basic recalling facts (sometimes it gets confusing and I get stuck… Thank goodness for walkthroughs online!).

And happy day for Johnny & Lulu fans (from General Hospital…): They’re finally ‘together’ together! I was so happy. Although Logan getting whacked over the head with a wrench isn’t the best way for those two to get together. Actually, that’s a horrible way for them to get together because Lulu was the one that hit him over the head. And Diego is alive, and the TMK! (Erm… That’s ‘Text Message Killer’ for the non-GH fans out there!)

Much to do this week. Mostly school-related and enough to make me want to cry. But I suppose that it is back to studying chemistry now. Would you like to take a three-question midterm on Thursday? Sounds simple, right? But the midterm from last year has 3 problems and in total was worth 45 marks (17 + 8 +20). What does that mean for me? Well… For starters, it means that I am screwed. And secondly, it means that I am very screwed. Good times. I know that I won’t be sleeping on the bus tomorrow! (Although I really wish that I will be.)

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  1. Phoniex Wright is awesome I never got a chance to finish it though. I hate midterms and things that only have a few questions it makes it harder to know what to study, and if you don’t know it it’s like death

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