List ten things that recently made you happy, then tag ten people to do the same!

  1. Getting approved for the Paul McGillion fanlisting (yes, I have done a lot of ‘pre-plugging’ for this one!)
  2. Doing better in calculus this term that I was last term
  3. My molecular model set for organic chemistry
  4. Mango pudding
  5. Johnny & Lulu getting together on General Hospital
  6. Timbits!
  7. Getting asked at school where I bought my necklace because the person thought it was really nice (I made it!)
  8. Finishing the draft copy of my English essay
  9. Getting hugged at school today from Garren
  10. Rereading The Little Prince last night

So apparently there are more positive things in my life that I realize. ^^ I tag anyone who wants to do this

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