Coles was having a book sale today so I just had to go and check out what they had because, well, it was books. And it was a sale. So after scouring through like basically all the books that there were (excess stock, stuff that they were trying to get rid), I came across a few crafting books and I got rather excited. Because all of them were marked down to $5 each. The only problem was, most of the patterns were nothing special and the beading ones, I had previously borrowed before from the local library. My sister ended up getting this gorgeous ‘encyclopedia of wild animals’ that has full colour photographs of animals from all different areas (examples: arctic, oceans/seas, deserts, forests, deserts) and that was only $10. I fell in love with one of the photos (it was of a pair of polar bears). But yes, that was her purchase. I, on the other hand, got Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers. I flipped through it before I bought it and there’s a lot of techniques that I hadn’t even heard of before! There’s a chapter for basics, but then a large portion of the book (I would say around 70% to 80%) is new-to-Michelle information. Which is pretty awesome. I love the photography in the book that they used. And yes, the pages are awesome because it’s a rainbow at the top (it takes so little to amuse me nowadays…)


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  1. Crap. Missed the last blog. Thats too funny though.. ever-growing condom collection. Atleast youll be prepared when the time comes..right?

    That book sounds neat!! I really want to learn photoshop. Ive tried a few times but I get frustrated and quit. Ive worked with PSP so long now, anything else is scary..of course when I eventually succumb to the greatness of PS, Im sure it wont seem so scary.

    You should take a picture of the picture..of the animal you thought was cute from your sister’s book! I got an email today from my aunt with like AMAZING pictures taken of wildife and stuff. Some of them are just so..beautiful.

  2. Oh wow! I would totally love that book. And the wild life thing too.
    I read too little. I should get some more books, lol.
    And learn more about Photoshop. I can only do the basics. I want MORE!
    Anyway.. Yeah 🙂 I’ll keep my eyes open for sales around here.

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