How I’m getting some while not getting any.

Written on March 15, 2008 at 12:43 am
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Yes, the title is supposed to have a sexual reference. Yes, I am still single. Yes, I am getting some. Shall I clarify for you? I am currently single, I have not been engaging in one night stands (one afternoon stands?) or anything like that. However, I have an ever-growing collection of condoms despite the fact that I (at the time of writing) have no use for them. People keep on gifting me with condoms so… I now have a box. It’s not full of contraceptives, but there is quite a bit. Currently I have:

  • 4 Durex condoms (lubricated)
  • 6 Trojan condoms (lubricated)
  • 1 Durex condom (chocolate flavoured)
  • 1 Durex condom (banana flavoured)
  • 1 Durex condom (strawberry flavoured)
  • 2 glow-in-the-dark (one is green, one is pink)

How does the single girl who’s not getting any action whatsoever build up a small collection of (currently) 15 condoms? Apparently people feel the need to give them to me. No pics at the moment, I don’t particularly like the idea of my father walking in while I’m taking photos of my ‘collection’.

One Response to “How I’m getting some while not getting any.”

  1. Cal says:

    Does your parents know about this “collection”?