A corn flake shaped like Illinois auctions for $1,350 on Ebay was one of the headlines that I saw today when I was reading up on some news on cbc.ca.

Now I just have one question to ask about this article: Did the two women (sisters) who auctioned this corn flake on Ebay honestly have nothing better to do while eating breakfast than picking through their corn flakes and try to find which one is shaped like something so that they can pay for a vacation? (I sincerely hope that they just randomly picked up a corn flake and go ‘Looks like Illinois, let’s auction it and get $5!’ rather than painstakingly go through a box of cereal to find the one that’s most shaped like something on a map of the United States.

And to Monty Kerr, who is now the proud owner of a corn flake that is shaped like the State of Illinois: today I went shopping and I bought a handmade lampwork bead that’s a pink elephant. I can actually do something with it and it won’t get eaten by rodents, if left out somewhere. Guess what? My interesting purchase was $1. Who got the better deal?

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  1. You, obviously got the better deal. I mean come on. A cute lamp? or some shitty corn flake that will go stale. I mean think of how many boxes of cornflakes you could buy for that.

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