Girl bloggers rise in numbers, could help narrow tech gender divide.

I have been blogging since maybe around 2003 or so. I started off with manual blogging, then Graymatter, then Livejournal and Xanga (I no longer use Xanga), then WordPress. I don’t have a record for all these entries since most of them were deleted, although I probably do have a backup of my old Graymatter entries somewhere. I will probably cringe if I ever do find them and read them and realize how much of a little twit I was back them (erm… 5 years ago…).

So my questions to you: (1) how long have you been blogging and (2) do you ever go back and read the entries you wrote when you first started blogging?

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  1. I’ve been blogging since grade 8 to 9 ish when I first got Xanga, then LJ, for a short time word press, and then Deviantart and Blogspot…Sometimes I do go back and read the entries to cringe at how dumb I was back then.

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