This was originally a meme that I did on March 5th, now I’m going to turn it into a catergory in my blog so that I can take the time to remember all the ‘good’ things that happened recently so I can call today a ‘win’, overall.

The only rule? List ten things that recently made you happy.

  1. I got three fanlistings up in a 48 hour period last week
  2. I finished reaching The Tempest for the fourth time since my English Lit class started reading it
  3. I did not fall asleep during English while we were watching The Tempest
  4. I purchase around $50 worth of beads this weekend (happy that I bought beads, not too happy about the price, but that’s what you get when you get the ‘nice’ stuff)
  5. Finished one lab report for chemistry
  6. Fixed my keyboard
  7. I watched a movie and had popcorn (The 40 Year Old Virgin, if anyone was curious)
  8. Snuggled with my favourite teddy bear (Collie <3)
  9. My mom bought Honey Nut Cheerios and Life cereal!
  10. My sister confirmed that is in coming back in April (and will be bringing me back: toggle clasps, beads, season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy and season 1 of One Tree Hill)

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