To loveyaz on Youtube,

If your username has the word ‘love’ in it, you enjoy use text images like <3, you use the letter ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ to turn singular words into plural and you proudly proclaim your love for all things emo because you’re just that emo, I have sad news to break to you. Well, it’s good or bad, depending on how you look at it. The good thing is, you’re not emo. The bad thing is, you’re a poseur.

Well… “Freak” is one way to put it…

[Please note: screenshots came from YouTube. The last one is taken out of context, she was bitching about how someone was going on about how emo kids were gay, and some conversation where people were bickering back and forth on what it truly means to be ’emo’. The first one, however, was not taken out of context. She really thinks that she’s emo. And to loveyaz, I apologize if I’ve made the assumption that you’re a girl and you’re actually a guy. I don’t know many boys who’ll use <3 and have the word ‘love’ in their screennames. This was meant to be funny. It’s hard to be funny when I’ve only had four hours of sleep.]

3 Responses

  1. Lol at that. Gahhh, I cannot believe how people can make a fool of themselves like that.
    You’re amazing, blogging like you do. WOW

  2. YES IM SO EMO. My life is filled with too much love, and too many hearts, and cute emo bands for my poor emotionally scared heart to bear.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so adamant about a label. Usually it’s the other way around. “Just because I wear black clothes and listen to goth metal and the patch on my bag says ‘goth’ and my MySpace has four ‘goth’ banners is reason for you to call me goth. How dare you judge me?”

    …am I dating myself using ‘goth’ instead of something more current? Probably. I just stopped paying attention after I was 15 or so.

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