That is what I do when I’m bored. Just take screenshots from sites (from Google.ca, CBC.ca and EarthHour.org), open up Photoshop and then put it all together. The problem with attempting to do Earth Hour is that my father kept on turning lights on. And leaving them on. And then walking away. Of course, this just means that when there’s a trial to pinpoint the exact person who is responsible for nearly complete ozone depletion, oceans with a surface acidity of pH 7.00 and temperatures in the 50s (Celsius), I will be forced to take the stand and tell them all about how my father refused to turn off the lights and singlehandedly produced X amount of carbon dioxide emissions. (I jest, my house is fully equipped with those energy-saving lights that are super bright and don’t get hot very quickly.)

Anyways, I also made content! I only opened Notepad up at the end, Photoshop was opened for most of the hour. Icons galore!

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  1. I also love screencapping lol. Hey, we did the earth hour here too. my mom told me that we should do it often. like every week? heh.

    take care.

  2. My Dad was doing the same thing “what are you doing in the dark you’ll go blind” “uuummm. I’m playing my DS and saving the planet”

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