If I ever, ever, ever, ever become pregnant and I actually carry the spawn/offspring to term, please do not let it/him/her be like that obnoxious little kid I saw on the bus today. I do not particularly relish the thought of others seeing me with my child on the bus and then later going home and blogging about the obnoxious kid who was chewing a peanut butter and jam sandwich and then flinging bits of the sandwich at people. I mean, I’m sure if I had a kid like that, I would still (most likely) love him/her to death. But at the same time, if I had a kid that would take a bite out of a sandwich, chew that bite, swallow it and then take another bite, spit out the un-chewed sandwich bit and then fling it at my fellow bus patrons, I would be pretty damn embarrassed and I would have the fucking decency to either make my child apologize or I would at least apologize to the people that my brat threw food at.

And yes, the woman saw that her kid was throwing food because she laughed when he threw it and then she just shrugged when the people glared at her obnoxious spawn offspring.

[The Moirae, or The Moerae or The Parcae, are often referred to as ‘The Fates’ in Roman and Greek mythology.]

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  1. That would be the point in time where I would slap my kid. I mean not in a hateful in the face kinda way but more like.. a swat on the behind just to get it’s attention and let it know what it was doing was wrong. If it still didnt work, I would take away the sandwhich and threaten it with something else like..no toys for an hour or..something. Kids these days..no respect, no discipline..its awful. Were you a victim of the sanwhich-ness?

  2. When I first read this I thought I clicked on the wrong link and I was on the RSS feed for your transit blog =P

  3. I’ve never understood “parents” that let their kids get away with that crap. Or, in the case of most of my generation… they’ll let the kids get away with it 9 times out of 10, then go crazy on them for doing the same thing.

  4. I don’t understand those parents honestly, I would have taken the sandwich from the kid and said something like “don’t do that or else I won’t let your eat this sandwich at all”

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