[This is list is going to end up in my content, I’ve been working on new pages on and off for the last little bit and I will probably upload it all in one go once I’ve gotten all the pages that I want to have completed.]

Top 10 reasons to date a nurse:
10.We can assess all areas of the body
09. Scrubs make for easy access
08. We’re used to handing all types of bodily fluids
07. We’re good at taking orders
06. We know all the right places to palpate
05. We know how to properly apply restraints
04. We know lots of different positions
03. We know that lubrications is helpful in any procedure
02. Two words: sponge bath
01. We’re always up for a good game of doctor

Now I’m going to go back to studying so that I can become a nurse. Not so that I can do all the above in a non-professional setting, of course. I can restrain myself in the workplace. After all, soft restraints can be used on patients. Mind, meet gutter.

The new fanlisting that I got up yesterday is for Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Please click here to visiting Immortality: the Devil May Cry fanlisting. [It’s for the book, kids, not the DMC game series. I’ve never played the DMC game(s).]

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