Studying is boring

Written on April 15, 2008 at 2:57 pm
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So far today I woke up, checked my email, read over my English notes on poetic devices, went to the library, picked up the book I had on hold (Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me?) and they always have some used books for sale that are really cheap (usually between $0.10 and $5) and I found that there was a beading magazines! Never one to pass up beading mags, I went through them and picked out two that had some nice projects and didn’t have any missing pages (the rest were in very good shape too, I just didn’t have enough money for the entire lot) so I ended up going home with a few books and two new magazines for me. Then I got home, made myself some lunch and watched GH. I got very upset with Lulu for (finally) breaking things off with Logan because he’s got the whole bad-boy imagine wrapped up with the sweetest looking face. However, Johnny’s equally as bad as Logan is, so I’m pleased either way. But Logan’s more of a sweetheart while Johnny’s just a tragic train wreck who happens to look very good without a stitch on him. But for the rest of the day after GH, I studied biology, texted Kelsey before her exam and got (very) bored and took some pictures of my bio notes with my cell phone.

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  1. Jenna says:

    ooh beading magazines!

    …I can’t believe you took pictures of your notes =_=

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