When I get bored of studying biology and terms and pathways and making little Post-It flags for pages of my custom course material (that I’m allowed to bring into my final exam) and writing with my many different colours of Staedtler pens, I end up doing a photoshoot. Not of myself or anything, but of some pads of Post-It notes, revealing it’s secret love affair with Staedtler pens. I realize that I freely advertise for products that I love, but that’s okay. (If anyone who works for 3M or Staedtler reads this, great products and I’d love free samples, haha.) And now for the photos of the illicit love affair…


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  1. lol wow now you took photos of your staedelers, and post its…The colours match XD. I want stadtlers myself once I’d collected all the other artsy things I want right now I’ll get them. And yes, if 3M, and Staedtler’s is reading I wouldn’t mind some free samples either.

    I’ve actually applied to be a product tester for Fimo. Hopefully I am approved. It’s just volunteer though, so I’m not getting paid except in the fact I get to test the products!

  2. You should write a letter to Staedtler and 3M, a real paper letter telling them about how much you love their product.
    They will, most likely, give you free stuff =)

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