Here’s the conversation that I had today on the bus while I was going home and encountered this guy who sat down right next to me (he was wearing a sweatshirt from my school and carrying a textbook so he couldn’t have been that much older than I am). This took place a little bit after he’d dropped his textbook onto my bag by accident and after he had apologized and noticed my clipboard sticking out of my bag, that has the school’s emblem on it so he probably thought he could start up a conversation or something. But anyways, here it is:
H: Can I get your number?
M: I don’t think so.
H: But we have so much in common!
M: (Laughs) Like what?
H: We both have red jackets and umm… the same cell phone?
M: I think I’ll pass. It was a good try though.
H: Thanks.

And the goods that I make when I am (a) procrastinating from studying physics [which, by the way, wouldn’t have helped me anyways, considering the hell that I went through today for a 100 mark exam], (b) have access to my jewelry pliers, (c) have access to my bead stash and (d) no longer exams [some were made today].

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