This is what happens when I’m tired and it’s 1:02am and I’m having a conversation on msn with one of my very good friends:
K: I just ask you to play nice with my boyfriend on my birthday.
M: Do you mean “play nice” or “play” nice?
M: Because I know in the past we’ve liked the same guys, but I don’t like this one and no matter how much you beg me to, I’m not going to engage in a threesome with you and your boyfriend.
K: That’s ok. I wasn’t planning on that one thanks… I was meaning more along then lines of not threatening him or trying to maim or injure him.
M: Well that’s no fun.

4 Responses

  1. I don’t understand why she thinks that you will injure her boyfriends.
    You’re all talk.
    But I guess it’s fun to joke?

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