So I hope everyone’s mommy had an excellent day today. We went out to a new restaurant for dinner which turned out to be a big mistake with the severely overpriced Mother Day’s Specials and horrible service, but that was my sister’s gift to her. I gave her a necklace this morning before lunch – I’ll post pictures of it later.

What did you do for your mom on her very special day?

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  1. I ehr.. didn’t do anything. I wasn’t even there.
    See, I live on my own in a students flat and erhh.. I had to work on Saturday and if I’d wanted to go to my mum’s I’d have to pay 10euros to get there by train. Taking away two hours of the day. And then another 10 euros to get back to my own place the next day and another two hours sitting in the train.
    No.. I decided not to do that.
    I did give her a call though 🙂

    Too bad the restaurant sucked.
    And I’d love to see pictures of the necklace, you’re great with jewellry.

  2. I gave my mom her favorite kind of flowers and put them on the deck since she usually sits outside there but she was sick so I had to tell her. “Ya, Happy Mothers Day. Your flowers are outside XD”

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