Oh, work wasn’t very fun today. I’m using a 98 Windows computer that maybe has like half a gigabyte of RAM in it and I had issues with saving a Word document. And I had trouble transferring it to another drive on the company server. So I’m just not going to touch the damn file until Wednesday when the Computer Guy who goes in to tinker with the modems and servers arrives to fix said file so it can be accessed at a supposedly faster computer.

And what day would be complete without a conversation with my new favourite person? [Don’t worry K & K, I still love you both!]
M: God, you’re weird.
C: So are you, but you don’t hear me complaining.

And yes, I threw a pen at him. I lost another pen today…

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  1. Oh god those computers sound like computers at Kwant XD. I love that “supposedly” faster.

    LOL I hope it wasn’t a nice pen. If it was a crummy one it would be okay though.

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