I was having a conversation with C and R about favourite childhood shows that they watched and then D comes in, asking what we were talking about. R says ‘Care Bears’ because that was the last show being mentioned (brought up by me). And then we have to explain what Care Bears was and looked up a picture for him to see on a search engine. He frowned and said that he didn’t know how anyone watched that stuff and C told him that I have a Care Bear shirt.
D: But you’re almost 20 years old.
M : Yeah…?
D: You’re going to be getting married soon, you can’t wear clothes like that.
M: -blinks- Who am I marrying?
D: Your boyfriend.
M: -smiles innocently- I’m not allowed to date.
D: You better talk to your mom about that then.
M: But even if I was allowed, I’m pretty sure I could get a guy even with a Care Bears shirt.

Of course C could not stop laughing.

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