Kristi and I were chatting about alias in the event that I become a published writer who writes hardcore erotica/smut. Her first suggestion? Regina Cummings. However I mentioned that perhaps Cummings was a little too common. I suggested Charlotte Harding, but Harding is probably overused in the industry as well. The result? Last name ‘Sizemore’ with the first name Regina. So now you know if you’re ever standing in the Erotica section at your local Chapters (like I was today) and you see a particularly scandalous book by someone with the name Regina Sizemore, it’s quite possibly me.

And speaking of reading erotica at the local Chapters… That’s what I was doing today. My sister was checking out new fantasy/sci-fi books, I was hitting up the erotica section. And imagine my disappointment when most of the books were incredibly tame! I did find one book that I liked though, it was a collection of shorts with all sorts of fun stories. So the selection wasn’t that bad. Plus I got hit on by one of the guys working there, which was nice. He gave me his number too, which I took out of politeness and possibly sheer shock. I know I should have said something, like ‘I’m seeing someone’, but I was a bit too wide-eyed surprised at the phone number to do anything.

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  1. Haha.. Im loving it. Im definitely going to keep a watch out in the coming years for a Mrs. Sizemore. Im interested to see how it’ll turn out 😛 Ive never read an erotica, surprisingly. Ill have to try.

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