He got me Skittles today. Normally I would be pleased, I would be, and I would open the bag and basically snarf down the brightly coloured candies. Today? Not so much. He placed the bag in front of me and then left. Of course at that time everyone else was gone too, so I just took a page out of my notepad and wrote him a note informing him that he should stop avoiding me and talk to me. I stuck it to the bag of Skittles and put it into the bag with the rest of his lunch.

He walks in maybe half an hour later (he’s really trying to avoid me today) and I told him that he should check his lunch. I looked up at him when I told him this and he looked a little downcasted and said that he had a bag of Skittles in there, didn’t he? I told him yes and he left again.

What he doesn’t get that, while the Skittles was a nice touch, we’re never going to get anywhere if we can’t talk about things. And this would be one of those things that needs to be talked about.

In other news… D had to get a special electric powered cart to get a mold from one of the mold rooms, so he left me to go snag one from A. He came back later and told me that he traded me (for an hour) for the cart with A. I think I threw up a little at the thought of it and I hit him over the head with my clipboard. So not cool…

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