My sister, D, logged onto msn tonight and took one look at my display picture and the following conversation occurred:
D: Is that you in your display pic?
M: Yes, I always take pictures of myself in lingerie and then overexpose them in Photoshop to make it look classy.
D: Really?
M: Yeah, I’m a total camgirl. I make like $50/hour/client on a good night.
D: Do mom and dad know?
M: Not yet… But I need to pay for tuition somehow…

She thought I was being serious. She actually thought that I was being serious.

For those curious, here’s the display picture in question (image from


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  1. I used Violation on my main image 😀

    LMFAO and omg your sister is EXACTLY like mine. I did something like that one time and pretty much the same thing happened. ROFL oh that’s great 🙂

  2. Hahaha oh sisters. My little sister would never take that seriously lol, our conversation would just become a bunch of “oh yea, I’m a camgirl too, I actually make more than you, $150 bucks an hour”.

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