Washed in moonlight, I step outside
And I just breathe as I wonder
How to change things, how to fix things
Because I don’t know how to be anyone
Other than the girl that I am.

I was learning how to live when you found me
And taught me how to catch fireflies
I held them in my hands
And held on tight
Because I was afraid to let go.

That was my lesson
To learn how to hold, then let go
Because the people who matter always return
And those who don’t
Deserve to live without me.

But it is difficult to learn to breathe without you
It is difficult to close my eyes
And not feel your arms around me
And all I wish is to be holding my hands tight
Around that firefly I held with you.

Washed in moonlight, I step inside
And I just breathe as I wonder
How things changed, how things broke
How those who don’t return
Don’t deserve me

Even if I deserve them.

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