Refund on the season?

It was a very long day at work today. I attended meetings (one that I knew I was supposed to go to, one that I didn’t find out until like an hour before – lots of time for me to prepare there!). One was an hour, the other was two. I was nearly falling asleep […]

Life is just shit and giggles

Work went a little badly today. I have ten projects that I’ve been juggling. Of the ten, I got three of the completely done today – I’m hoping that I can just push those out of my mind completely. And the other 7? Well, I’m sort of done one of them as well (maybe, anyways) […]

A few new pages

It’s been a pretty mellow day. I stayed in bed until around 11am. I had crab (yum!) for lunch. I flipped through my Photoshop book for a bit. I watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis. I’m currently eating a popsicle while typing and listening to the American McGee’s Alice soundtrack. I’m getting to be very […]