Work went a little badly today. I have ten projects that I’ve been juggling. Of the ten, I got three of the completely done today – I’m hoping that I can just push those out of my mind completely. And the other 7? Well, I’m sort of done one of them as well (maybe, anyways) but the other six leaves me completely dependent on information that I need to get from other people in the company. But they’re always busy. Always always always busy. I’ve set up meetings, people cancel. I’ve reminded them that I require information, and they tell me to ask someone else (and that someone else never has a clue what I’m going on about). And if they continue on this way, I won’t be able to get anything done before I leave at the end of August. Which might be a good thing, it would mean that it’s no longer my headache and will be pushed off to someone else.

Last night wasn’t exactly great either, so I ended up on the phone with Clay from midnight to about one in the morning. I wasn’t particularly tired and I was just having a bad day. He ended up cheering me up with some jokes and just talking to in general. He got me to calm down a bit (I had an argument with my father last night). And then today, he walked into the room where I work and just gave me a hug without saying a single word. It was a nice moment. Then he asked if I was doing better today (the answer was a resounding ‘no’, by the way) and he gave me another hug and a bag of Skittles and then he had to go actually work. Of course, since I basically had absolutely nothing to do, I ended up spending the last little bit of my day just spending time with him since I was done all the work that I could do (since people are always busy, or just always off-site). It cheered me up a bit, so that was good. I’m going to get a phone call later today, so I’m looking forward to that. Otherwise, I’m still in kind of a crappy mood.

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  1. Gosh, does this clay guy have a brother? He seems super sweet! Cheering you up at all, kinda makes me depressed about my own non-existent love-life. Hang in there, a good day will be on its way. or at least thats what dr. phil says..

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