I have recently caught up on One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. I’ve watched whatever episodes that I haven’t seen yet. I plan on getting caught up Stargate Atlantis soon (season 4 recently came out on dvd – can someone say “Let’s go shopping”?). I got caught up on General Hospital (I had a week’s worth of episodes on tape that I watched last night/today). I’ve been listening to music that I haven’t listened to in a while – it’s probably been a few years since I’ve last listened to Story of the Year.

And right now I have disc 4 of Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy playing next to me. I miss Grey’s. I also miss Private Practice.

Maybe I’m just a really mean-spirited person, but I hope they show Rose’s face when Derek tells her that they are over and he’s going back to Meredith. Although I did like Rose, because she was easy, she was insecure in her own way and less damaged than Meredith ever was – but everyone always knew that MerDer would work out in the end, they always do.

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