Yesterday afternoon, two of the three major cell phone providers (Bell and Telus) revealed that they would start charging their customers for incoming text messages, which would included unsolicited texts (such as promotions and spams). The proposed charges aren’t in effect until August for both companies and it will be $0.15/msg. Now the real question is: were they high when they came up with this?

I use Telus. In fact, I kind of like Telus. Yet the people who are most effected by this are mostly people on a pay-as-you-go plan. For those on a rate plan that includes text messaging in it, you should kind of set since the text messaging is included. For those who don’t use text messaging all that often, you get charged for incoming messages. What’s the logic in this? Well, obviously they want you to subscribe to a contract plan or add on unlimited text messaging to whatever plan that you are currently using. Is it fair? Not really, considering you can’t back out of your contract in the event that something like this happens without running into penalty fees.

Luckily for me, my cell phone is attached to a package that does include texting. I’ll have to check out my next bill to see what they say about this new texting charge, because if for some odd reason I end up getting charged for incoming text messages, heads are going to roll.

Read more about it: here and here

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  1. Errr well that’s not new to me. Here in America, they charge for both incoming and outgoing texts lol.

    That sucks though for you guys 🙁 but good thing you don’t text! 😀

  2. Argh. That’s horrible!

    If it happened here, everyone would go ballistic – the Philippines was once considered the texting capital of the world (I’m pretty sure some other country holds that title now).

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