Rogers is currently the only cell phone carrier that you can use the iPhone with (don’t mention Fido, please, it’s owned by Rogers). And today was the very first day that the iPhone is available in this lovely country. The only problem? Low stocks. Like incredibly low.

On my way to school, the bus that I take passes by two Rogers stores. Both of them had iPhone posters all over the windows and they had lineups, boy did they have lineups. One of them had a line up that went from the door, all the way down the length of the store and then continued down the block.

CBC reports that flagship store for Rogers (in Toronto) had only 100 phones in their inventory. They had at least three times that amount of would-be customers awaiting their fancy new toys.

While the iPhone itself is an interesting product and I wouldn’t mind testing one, I’m just curious about the battery life. I personally sit (or, sometimes, stand) in public transit for approximately 3 hours out of my day. My mp3 player (not an iPod, thank goodness – it’s a Creative product) can last an entire week before I have to recharge (so it’s 15+ hours on a single charge, I believe it can go upwards of somewhere around 20-25 hours on one charge). I also use my cell phone quite a bit. So if you were to couple my regular cell (talk and text) usage plus my regular music listening time, how long would the iPhone be able to last on a single charge? Would it last me throughout the day? Would it last more than a day without needing to be charged again?

Resources: Hundreds disappointed by low iPhone stocks at

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  1. lol it’s not just inventory that was a problem in Vancouver, the registration system crashed. It tooks hours for like 4 ish people to get their I-Phone. It was very pathetic but the lines in Canada don’t look half as bad as Japan, and people their actually got their phones —>

    I-phone looks cool but I also wonder about battery life as well. And frankly a 3 year contract? No thanks.

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