I went back to work today, and it was okay. I’m on two new projects while I’m continually editing three different manuals that I wrote prior to taking time off for my biology class. So it’s a little hectic. But, D noticed that I had red hair (so did K). I caught up a bit with people today and it was fine. I spent like all of five seconds talking to Clay today, mostly because I was busy and a little bit because I’m tired of the whole ‘let’s cancel on Michelle’ thing that he has going on. And he apologized, again and again and again and he’s frustrated by it too because things keep on coming up. But he promised that we’d be able to work something out and I told him to put his money where his mouth was, so to speak. We’ll see.

But other than that, today was pretty okay. I slept in the car on the way to work and home. I made small talk with people at work who were all like ‘MICHELLE! You’re back! How have you been?’ It’s nice being missed. And once I got home, I pretty much just crashed because I’m not used to being at work for 8.5 hours and working for 8 hours anymore. I’m so tired, I yawned before, during and after dinner. However, being ‘asked’ to wash one of my parents’ cars at 9:30pm was a great way to wake up.

Anyways, I think that I’m going to be having an early night, despite the protests from the Boy who can’t be bothered to commit to plans with me. Hope you all had a slightly less busy day than I did.

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  1. It always sucks going back to work after some time away. I have to start school soon and I know I’m going to feel the same way! Having a set schedule is always nice too–once you get used to it again.

  2. Hm, I take it Clay-boy hasn’t been giving you the attention you deserve. He must be rather dumb to not realize how lucky he is.

  3. I hate going back to work if I miss a day. I’ve only done it once but like I missed two days in a row because I had Freshman Orientation for college and I came back like WHOAH and people were like Welcome back. It was weird.

    You washed a car at 9:30PM? Goodness gracious O.O! I would’ve been like eh…bother me tomorrow kthx bai. Damn that really blows.

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